Synapse MIX FREE Brochure

Synapse MIX is a vendor-neutral solution that works across multiple vendors and modalities.

Download the Synapse MIX BrochureIt combines PACS systems with fast broadband connections to transfer medical images quickly between hospitals and medical imaging centres.

This FUJIFILM solution is much faster and more accessible than other physical methods of transfer. Images are available for immediate viewing with no user interaction required at the receiving PACS. This is especially addressing the healthcare imbalance between regional and metropolitan Australia.

With Synapse MIX:

  • Clinical care can be provided in a more timely manner – anywhere and any time
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure to simplify implementation and operation
  • Enables you to consult with off-second opinions
  • Allows to provide expert clinical consultation remotely to sites without specialist medical staff

Download the Brochure